Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Abrupt End

I've been writing a lot the past several days.  It's been mostly drivel based on vague memories from high school and college, and I usually don't get much further than a paragraph or two.  I'm finding it helpful in these instances to not have a very good memory for reality.  For example, I remember going miniature golfing with friends in high school, but that is about all.  I don't remember when in high school and I don't even remember which friends I was with.  I just remember being on the golf course with a small group of friends.  Since I don't remember the actual events or people involved, it's easy to have some fun with the story....

The invitation to mini-golf was legitimate, but everyone involved knew that it was another attempt by the group of friends to get Tiffany and Steve together.  Tiffany was quite comfortable being single even though the prom was fast approaching, but her friends disagreed.  Since they were her friends and she wanted them to be happy, or at least to stop bugging her, she went along with the ruse and found herself paired up with her handsome, yet awkward companion.

Steve pulled out all his best cheesy date moves.  As Tiffany was about to putt on the fifth hole he wrapped his arms around her.  "Let me help you with your form."  It was a cringe worthy moment.  His arms were strong, fingernails clean and he smelled nice so Tiffany was willing to overlook the ridiculousness of it all.

By the end of the round Tiffany had agreed to get some ice cream with Steve.  Pleased at their success, the rest of the group made their excuses not to join them so the two "love birds" could be alone.

The pair meandered down the boardwalk and onto the pier while eating their ice cream and nervously talking about what a great time they had that night.  As they stood at the end of the pier watching the sunset melt into the lake Steve contemplated kissing the girl he had been dreaming about for months.  Without warning, Tiffany grabbed Steve and threw him over the edge.  She turned and casually strolled back down the pier to the beach.

Crazy can come out of nowhere.

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