Monday, February 6, 2012

Lessons In Grace... from Madonna

I fell off the stoop while taking the garbage out this morning.  I landed flat on my back in the driveway.  My first thought was, "Did the neighbors see me laying in the driveway?!?"  The possibility of breaking my back didn't occur to me until much later when I was safely inside the house and cringing in pain every time I leaned over.  This is why taking out the trash should be the man's job.

Graceful has never been a word that anyone would use to describe me.  I have a long history of clumsy adventures that ended with bumping hard into walls, falling down multiple flights of stairs, and ultimately landing on my face.  I wrote an entire blog entry about my misguided attempts at Zumba

But with the recent performance of Madonna during the Super Bowl half-time show, I have a renewed confidence in my own movements. She teetered carefully across the stage on her 4-inch heels and nearly bought the farm a couple of times.  She probably should have practiced in them first.  And as the 53-year-old woman attempted a hand stand with her skirt flapping up while the dude from LMFAO grabbed one of her ankles and the other leg waved wildly in the air, I cringed.  And I couldn't help but see myself as she attempted to stand back on her feet after getting down on her knees during "Hey Mr. DJ."

No matter how ridiculous I look in the circus-style mirrors at the gym while flailing around in an attempt to loose weight and get healthy, I take comfort in the knowledge that I now look at least as good as Madonna.

** Please don't yell at me if you think Madonna rocked the house.  Watching it again in the sober light of day might give you a new perspective...  :-)


Sinea Pies said...

Kim, hi! Your latest fan here. Love this post. Giggled right through it. My only thought is, as teetering as she was, I don't think I could tolerate those heels just to walk around in. LOL!

Hey, I have a Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop every Wednesday on Ducks 'n a Row. Stop by and a your links! :)

Kim said...

Thanks Sinea! I'm a big fan of shoes and I admit, several pairs are 4-inches. Beauty is a dangerous business, but I do it for the love of the shoes! LOL! I'll find you at church the next time I'm wearing my 4-inch gold ones! :-)

Thanks for reading! I've been secretly stalking you on, too! Love it!

Sinea said...

Hey Kim...I'm back. Check out today's post on my site. You are named for a Versatile Blogger Award!