Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Big News

So, after a very long wait we're finally going on a family vacation... with the entire family!  Me, Mike, the kids, my Mom and Dad, my sister, her husband and their three kids.  All twelve of us are headed down to good ol' Disney World this summer!  We've been planning it since January, but just told the kids this weekend.  Here's how we told them:

The Reveal...

Yes, that was my very own snazzy Photoshop work on the last picture.  Luckily we went to Disney on our Honeymoon almost 11 years ago, so I had a picture of the castle handy.  :-)  That, by the way, was the last time I was on vacation.  Here is the kids reaction after seeing the video.

The Reaction....
(If you really want to watch this, skip to the 1:50 mark.  My favorite part is Mya doing the Cabbage Patch in the background.)

So, it's going to be a really fun time.  We are Disney novices, so if you have any tips or tricks for having a great Disney vacation on the cheap with kids (all six of them!)  then leave a comment.  We can use all the help we can get!


Karen Burns said...

LOVED this! How much fun! I am TOTALLY and COMPLETELY jealous. Take a zillion pictures!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you... we are also going in August. Get in touch with me or I will get in touch with you...I would love to give you some of the tips and tricks that we do when we go! So excited for you and your family!!!!!
Julie Dunham