Monday, March 12, 2012

The New Job

I got a job a couple of weeks ago.  It's for a consulting company that does training for other companies.  I'm not one of the trainers.  Passing out in front of a room full of people is generally frowned upon.  It's a really grown-up kind of place where people wear sensible heels and makeup and do their hair nice before coming in.  It's been a drastic change from my life wearing yoga pants and sneakers and going days without wearing makeup because I wouldn't see anybody over the age of eight.

This is not my sister, but they do clap for her because she is
that awesome. It's a family trait.
My sister is one of the trainers at work. She got sick of working with temps who would screw-up her spreadsheets and told her boss that I could do a much better job. So they hired me. Nepotism is pretty awesome. Until your sister starts telling your co-workers about embarrassing stories from when you're a kid. This hasn't exactly happened yet. But I'm prepared if it does. I have pictures of my sister from when she went to charm school in the 80s. I keep stuff like that on almost everybody I know, because you never know when you'll need to resort to blackmail. (Just a warning, J!)

My awesome 5" butterfly snake skins.
Too flashy for work, but whimsical
enough for church!
I'm not used to wearing sensible heels to work.  I usually wear either sneakers or four-inch heels.  (I'm an "all-or-nothing" kind of girl!)  I love my four-inch heels.  I have quite a collection developing.  I mostly just wear them to church because I don't really go anywhere where four-inch heels are appropriate footwear.  And also, I'm short and my pants are usually significantly too long and I need to compensate with big heels.  However, four-inch heels are not really appropriate for this particular workplace.  Especially since mine tend to have gold glitter or red leather butterflies on them.  They're awesome shoes, and it's a darned shame that they're not being showcased in the workplace, but they're just a bit too flashy.  So I'm reduced to wearing one of my two pairs of sensible heels.  They are not nearly tall enough to compensate for my long pants, so I'm constantly tripping on the bottoms of my pants. I really need to get to a tailor.  But I probably won't.

The work itself isn't particularly difficult or challenging, but sometimes it's fun to just do stuff that you're good at.  Especially if it's totally impressive to people who would take all day to get a project done that takes you about an hour.

Work is boring.  Here are pictures of more of my shoes.

My newest and most awesome shoes, sparkly gold
6" Steve Maddens.

My 6" silver shoes that I had to buy to wear with the dress I
bought for my sister's wedding so that I wouldn't trip over it.
I didn't have time to get the dress hemmed.
These shoes are awesome and surprisingly comfortable.
My semi-sensible black boots.  They're only 3-inches.

My friend Jen talked me into buying these.
They are terribly uncomfortable, but super cute at only 3-inches.
I can't go shopping with Jen anymore.  I can't afford it.
Robert Downey, Jr.
'Cause the world is a better place
just by looking at him.

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