Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sticky Situations

When I was in Kindergarten we would stick pieces of paper together using what was referred to as paste.  It wasn't quite glue, the thick, white liquid known to kids today.  It came in a jar with a screw top lid that usually had a plastic stick attached to the inside.  It smelled like mint and, according to many of my classmates but not confirmed by me personally, it tasted good.  I never ate the paste.  I've always been proud of my ability to not fold under pressure.  It kept me out of trouble until... well... whenever. 

Anyhow... My kids came into the living room to inform me that they needed glue.  Apparently, there was a very important impromptu craft project taking place on the kitchen table.  I don't let my kids use glue.  I always squeezed too much of the sticky liquid out at once and would end up saturating the construction paper.  I imagine my kids will probably inherit that technique and don't wish to experience it in my own home.  I'll save that adventure for the school art teacher, along with the realization that if they coat their hands with glue and let it dry it will look like they're peeling off their skin.  It's a really cool sensation, but a mess I would rather not clean up after.

So instead of glue I handed over the modern version of paste, the glue stick.  This is the only adhesive product I trust my children with after the Tape Fiasco of '09.  I won't go into it right now, but lets suffice it to say that I lost an entire role of masking tape and Emily's eyebrows are still pretty thin.  Even glue stick has evolved.  It used to just be a cylindrical version of the paste I grew up with.  But now it goes on purple, dries clear and is washable.  I'm not sure of the purpose of this "fading purple" technology, but I'm sure there is a reason for it.  It doesn't seem to prevent my kids from smearing it onto the kitchen table.  But at least everyone keeps their eyebrows on.

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